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The Team

Who We Are


Nicolas Smit

Executive Director

Nicolas has spent the pandemic helping people understand the importance of using better masks, has helped get better masks donated to people in need around the world, has helped politicians around the world understand the importance of better masks including getting the government of Ontario and Canada to recommend elastomeric respirators as N95 alternatives. 

Nicolas is now working with politicians, government agencies, corporations and other non profits in the U.S. to help solve key pandemic issues including trying to get free masks for everyone. 


Nicolas has been a major advocate for a layered approach to safety. In his spare time, Nicolas helps the World Health Network, MaskTogetherAmerica, Clean Air Crew and many other groups around pandemic issues and he is also the Vice Chair for the Greater Sudbury Watershed Alliance.   

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Brent Dillie


Brent is founder and Commercial Director for Premium PPE Amerishield in Virginia Beach and is a successful entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience in fiber, polymeric and filtration science. Brent used his knowledge and first-hand experience with filtration, product development and manufacturing to help start and grow one of the largest surgical mask production facilities in the United States. Today, Premium PPE, located in Virginia Beach, has produced over 250 million masks and successfully supported the U.S. federal government, including the Department of Defense, Health & Human Services, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to supply over 70 million masks to help protect Americans from the coronavirus outbreak.


Lloyd Armbrust

President & Founder

Lloyd Armbrust is a lifelong entrepreneur with a track record of success in media, technology, and, most recently, manufacturing. He is currently the Founder and CEO of Armbrust American, a U.S. manufacturer of surgical masks and PPE, which is experiencing impressive growth since launching in May 2020. Lloyd’s background includes a number of leadership roles in the news media industry over the last three decades, including a shift to online sales for the Duluth News-Tribune where he built several newspaper websites from the ground up. In 2008, he founded OwnLocal, a Y Combinator-backed newspaper automation startup responsible for generating millions in revenue for more than 2,000 local publications over the last decade. A graduate of York College, Lloyd currently lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and six children.

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