May 2024 Newsletter
May 15, 2024

Dear AMMA Members and Friends,


This has been a very busy month. As April began, we started understanding the full extent of damage to the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland. Located just minutes from AMMA President Dan Izhaky’s United Safety Technology, the disaster brought our national reliance on a fragile global supply chain into focus.


We also continue to push for a federal focus on how foreign actors exploit tariff and trade policy to compete unfairly with domestic manufacturers. As an association, we have shown exceptional leadership with Congress and the Administration, making significant strides in supporting the tightening of the de minimis loophole exploited by e-commerce sites and Chinese manufacturers. We also continue to provide guidance to elected officials to help them show leadership on these issues.


AMMA continues to leverage media coverage and social media to raise awareness of these trade and manufacturing issues. We spoke out regarding the FDA’s recently issued fines for manufacturers of unsafe syringes from foreign suppliers. AMMA members also presented our views at the ASPR’s IBMSC summit in Washington. Finally, last week, AMMA presented at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security on the critical importance of our domestic industry. Our national resilience demands our outspokenness in these times.


We just unveiled AMMA’s first White Paper, “The State of the PPE Industry in the U.S.,” which lays out the state of play for our members and this industry for the first time. Many of our industry and government partners have requested data and statistics from AMMA on domestic PPE manufacturing. We hope you will share this with your local leaders and allies in the industry. We know this will be a valuable resource for investors and policymakers.


As you read the news clips we’ve attached below, I hope you will sense, as we do, that national attitudes toward supporting domestic manufacturing are changing. We plan to continue educating leaders and the industry to increase support for domestic manufacturing.


Thank you,