Manufacturers to the President – Now is the moment to strengthen America’s PPE & Medical Supply Manufacturing
July 3, 2024

On June 14, the White House issued an Executive Order outlining steps to strengthen the domestic supply chain. The American Medical Manufacturers Association (AMMA) welcomes this announcement and urgently emphasizes the need to bolster domestic production of personal protective equipment (PPE).

The Biden administration’s continued focus on supply chain resilience underscores the strategic importance of this initiative. But there is more work to be done.

The Executive Order underscores the critical vulnerabilities exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our dependence on foreign sources for essential medical supplies jeopardizes public health and our national security. By prioritizing domestic manufacturing, the U.S. can ensure a reliable supply of PPE during crises, reducing the risk of shortages and enhancing the nation’s preparedness for future pandemics.

This week, AMMA leaders are gathering in Washington, DC, to meet with representatives from the Administration and Congress.  In advance, Executive Director Eric Axel noted, “Now is the moment for the Biden administration and Congress to take bold action. The pandemic revealed our dangerous over-reliance on foreign suppliers for PPE and medical products. Investing in domestic manufacturing is not just about preparedness, it’s about protecting American lives and jobs.”

Reviving and expanding PPE manufacturing in the U.S. is both a public health imperative and an economic opportunity. AMMA’s peers at the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) stood with the President as he called for more robust protection against Chinese imports to safeguard American jobs. They called for revitalizing sectors such as steel and glass, which, along with PPE and medical products, can stimulate job growth and economic stability.

AMMA has underscored to leaders the significant potential of domestic PPE and medical products manufacturing to create thousands of jobs across various sectors, from raw material development to finished product assembly. This transition supports workers and strengthens local economies, particularly in manufacturing-heavy regions that have suffered economic decline due to offshoring. The prospect of job creation should inspire action and commitment from policymakers and industry leaders.

The White House has outlined a series of actions, but AMMA urges even more robust involvement from the Administration and Congress on these crucial issues. The time for action is now, and AMMA is calling on industry and the public to make this a reality. By emphasizing the urgency, the public will feel the immediate need to support and advocate for these changes.

  • Tariffs – both temporary and permanent – to help US manufacturers compete

  • Stronger Trade Barriers – to prevent dumping of products from Southeast Asia and China from circumventing tariffs by transporting through Mexico and other trade-friendly countries

  • Domestic Incentives – to promote US manufacturing through investment and innovation

  • Workforce Training – to give workers the skills and knowledge they need to help the US computer

  • Public-Private Partnerships – to invest in new facilities and expand existing ones

Investing in the domestic production of PPE and medical products is a strategic move to enhance national security, safeguard public health, and drive economic growth. U.S. policymakers must implement these policy recommendations to reduce dependency on imports, create jobs, and build a resilient supply chain capable of withstanding future challenges.