January 2024 Newsletter
January 4, 2024

Dear AMMA Community,

Happy New Year!

2024 will be a crucial year for AMMA members and the global trade policies that impact PPE production and distribution. International trade, especially with China, will continue to be a priority of Congress and the Administration will focus on the impacts of reliance on cheap, foreign-made goods on the US economy and our national resilience.

At AMMA, we are working to keep Chinese anti-competitive practices and how Congress can help us fight back at the forefront of the political agenda. We are working to ensure decision-makers hear and act upon our concerns.

In 2023, we increased our membership, collaborated with policymakers, and raised our concerns through national media. In 2024, we plan to continue these efforts, emphasizing expanding our network of allies to ensure a competitive landscape for our products, further investing in our legislative roadmap, and continuing to make noise about these issues in the media.

2024 will also mark the fourth anniversary of the COVID-19 epidemic. For many of our AMMA members, you demonstrated leadership and made business pivots to answer our nation’s call.  As HHS and others continue to prepare for future epidemics, AMMA is participating in efforts to ensure our industry can be relied upon in the event of another emergency.

We will continue to raise our concerns wherever possible. As this is an election year, we will keep our issues on the front burner as elected officials face their electorate.

We are looking forward to a busy 2024 of broadening the use of the new AMMA seal, expanding our lobbying efforts, creating research and policy materials, and continuing to build a cadence of proactive communications.

Thank you for your continued support, and here’s to continuing our success in 2024.

In partnership,