AMMA’s State of the Union: A Time For Bipartisan Action
March 11, 2024

In his March 2024 State of the Union address, President Joe Biden emphasized the pivotal role of a robust manufacturing base in securing the nation’s future. He heralded the resilience and ingenuity of the American people, highlighting their ability to overcome challenges and emerge stronger.

Biden particularly emphasized the critical importance of domestic manufacturing in ensuring a steady and reliable supply of essential goods. From the American Medical Manufacturers Association’s (AMMA) perspective, investing in domestic personal protective equipment (PPE) manufacturing must be included in future investments.

He also emphasized the importance of the Buy American Act, which builds on decades of federal government commitments to support manufacturing and materials created in the USA. The President’s call to reduce dependence on foreign suppliers for crucial supplies can ring especially true when focusing on critical public safety needs like masks, gloves, and ventilators. By bolstering domestic manufacturing capacity, America safeguards its citizens’ health and safety and strengthens its national security and resilience to future crises.

Unfortunately, his speech did not mention the bipartisan agreement on efforts to curb a dangerous trend for consumers and domestic producers. Our economy faces a crisis from an exponential import surge under a trade provision known as the de minimis loophole.This loophole, often exploited by e-commerce giants like Temu and Shein, allows duty-free entry of packages valued under $800 with minimal scrutiny, facilitating the influx of goods into the American market.

The lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic are clear. The world witnessed shortages of vital medical supplies, exposing vulnerabilities in global supply chains. However, with its manufacturing capabilities and a desire to serve, many AMMA members rose to the occasion, answering our nation’s call and swiftly ramping up production to meet the demand for PPE.

As the world grapples with the challenges of the 21st century, both parties in Congress and this, or any future administration, must maintain a commitment to domestic manufacturing, technological leadership, and global competitiveness. Every elected official must prioritize investing in infrastructure, modernizing manufacturing facilities, and creating millions of well-paying jobs. When we harness the power of American innovation and resilience, the United States can lead the world into a brighter future.

That’s why the call from AMMA to our elected leaders is clear. Take decisive steps: Close loopholes, strengthen regulations, and support domestic industries, especially PPE, that maintain our national health and safety infrastructure.

All AMMA members stand ready to work with every elected official to advance legislation addressing these issues.