AMMA to USTR – We Can Do More!
July 3, 2024

The United States Trade Representative is conducting a four-year review of the Section 301 investigation into China’s trade practices. As the American Medical Manufacturers Association (AMMA), we strongly support the proposed increase in Section 301 tariffs on critical medical supplies. These tariffs are crucial in addressing unfair trade practices and ensuring a robust domestic supply chain for essential medical products.

The proposed tariff increases aren’t enough to counteract unfair Chinese practices or secure the U.S. supply chain for PPE and other critical medical supplies.

Here is a summary of the recommendations that we’ve made to Ambassador Katerine Tai, the Office of the United States Trade Representative, in a letter dated June 28, 2024.

AMMA recommends raising the tariffs on all face masks, gloves, syringes, and needles to a minimum of 100% and implementing the tariff increases immediately. This bold move has the potential to significantly strengthen our domestic supply chain and ensure a reliable source of critical medical supplies, making a substantial difference in our healthcare system.

We also emphasize the need for a comprehensive whole-of-government approach to supporting reshoring America’s supply chains for critical medical supplies. The tariff modifications should include all face masks and gloves and consider increasing the effective rate of tariffs on a wide range of essential PPE, medical supplies, and inputs.

Additionally, the tariff increases for all PPE and critical medical supplies should become effective on August 1, 2024.

We stress the importance of government-wide coordination, vigorous enforcement of tariffs, reduced waivers from domestic purchasing requirements, and incentives for healthcare providers to procure domestically produced critical medical supplies.

The United States must take strategic and aggressive steps to ensure access to safe, reliable, and sufficient supplies of critical medical products. The office of the USTR plays an important role, and AMMA would like to ask that this feedback be considered.