November 2023 Newsletter
November 1, 2023


So much has changed in just a month since we last sent an update.

Congress deposed the Speaker of the House and after 3 weeks and multiple votes Congressman Mike Johnson of Louisiana is now the new Speaker. Government was kept open by a continuing resolution but a sunset for that legislation is approaching on the horizon.

In addition, both a bipartisan delegation of Senators visited China and Administration trade and privacy officials joined with their global colleagues to call attention to China’s anti-competitive practices.

Against this backdrop, many of us will convene for our next AMMA Board meeting in November. We plan to hear from DC insiders, improve some of our skills, and inform our public policy strategy for 2024 and beyond. Many of us will also use the opportunity to participate in the BARDA conference hosted by the defense department. I hope you find new and intriguing business growth opportunities in that environment.

Far from Washington, America watched as its closest ally, Israel, was attacked by Hamas on October 7. 1400 lost their lives and hundreds remain captives to terror.

Just a few short years ago, many of you answered the call and opened or pivoted your capacity in the wake of the Pandemic. You took risks and innovated, all to ensure the USA could meet the demand for PPE. These actions demonstrated courage and commitment to the betterment of humanity.

In that same spirit, AMMA members Dentec, SafeSource Direct, and UST helped provide desperately needed PPE to ZAKA, Israel’s search and rescue organization.  They take on the difficult task of identifying bodies and ensuring a burial consistent with Jewish laws.  This is exhausting and difficult work.

ZAKA utilized four years of stored PPE in just a few days. I am so proud that our AMMA members stepped forward without reservation to help. You will also see some news stories about these donations in this newsletter.

Thank you for being a part of AMMA. We will continue to do our part to improve competitive conditions here in the USA and respond where we can uniquely impact tragedies abroad

Warm regards,


Executive Director, AMMA