A Bipartisan Commitment to America’s Resilience
October 25, 2023

A dedicated White House Office of Pandemic Preparedness is necessary and a strategic imperative for the United States. That’s why AMMA greets today’s announcement with such hope and optimism. We hope this office works in deep collaboration with its counterparts in Congress and relevant agencies.

This office, and its new leadership, can serve as a centralized hub to coordinate and implement comprehensive measures to combat future outbreaks. It can also enhance the nation’s overall resilience to public health emergencies.

This office must create and implement a culture of national pandemic preparedness. It must plan and deliver swift and coordinated responses to emerging threats.

Only an office like this, answering to the Chief Executive, can truly drive collaboration between federal agencies, state governments, and private sectors. If it succeeds, the United States can bolster its capacity to mitigate the impact of future pandemics effectively.

Our domestic public health manufacturing infrastructure needs government to invest in research, development, and production capabilities. This increased investment would lead to enhanced medical supply chain security, reduced reliance on foreign sources, and the creation of job opportunities for skilled workers, ultimately bolstering the national economy.

Once a comprehensive pandemic preparedness strategy is in place, companies like ours can proactively develop medical manufacturing solutions and technologies to combat potential threats. This proactive approach is often mentioned as a goal but is often left behind by government and private-sector investment.

Being prepared ensures we are well-equipped to handle future pandemics and allows the US medical manufacturing industry to position itself as a global leader in pandemic response and preparedness.

Congress and the White House must continue to collaborate and take a crucial step towards safeguarding the health and well-being of the nation. This will yield immediate public health benefits and stimulate the growth of the US medical manufacturing industry.

When we invest in preparedness, the United States will lead the charge in preventing and mitigating future pandemics, leaving a lasting legacy of security and resilience for future generations.

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